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Gradual phase of the 22 October 2002 Flare: multi wavelength study View all project descriptions by submitter

Schmieder Brigitte Submitted: 15-Apr-2003 01:49

During a coordinated observational campaign between ground based observatories (THEMIS and VTT) and space instruments (SOHO/CDS and MDI, TRACE and RHESSI), an M1 flare has been observed mainly during its gradual phase. The objective of this study is to use these multiwavelength observations to study the dynamics and energetics of the gradual phase and, in particular, to understand the role of various heating mechanisms. The NLTE radiative-transfer modeling of the optical lines, together with RHESSI thick-target data, allow us to discriminate between the thermal and non thermal processes. We study the abundance of the atoms and ions at different temperatures versus time, both in the ribbons and in bright points, and their relationship with the magnetic configuration.

Participants: Arek Berlicki, Nicole Vilmer, Mein N., Mein P. , Heinzel P.

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