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Henry Aurass Submitted: 17-Aug-2005 02:17

Recently we have found a new family of very fast radio structures occurring in type IV bursts (using high time resolution data recorded by the OAT-multichannel radiopolarimeter). These super-short structures (SSS-es) are generally 2-3 times shorter than the radio spikes, up to now considered to be the shortest features legibly recorded in radio bursts. In order to determine the physical nature of these bursts, we are studying the evolution of the radio source positions from the Nancay Radioheliograph and compare them with MDI magnetograms and potential field extrapolations, as well as with associated HXR sources as observed with RHESSI.

Participants: J. Magdalenic, P. Zlobec, A. Warmuth, B. Vrsnak, H. Aurass, G. Mann

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