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Chromospheric Height and Density Measurements with RHESSI View all project descriptions by submitter

Markus J. Aschwanden Submitted: 08-Aug-2002 14:04

Thanks to the high energy resolution of the germanium-cooled hard X-ray detectors on RHESSI we can measure the flare source positions with a high accuracy as a function of energy. Using a forward-fitting algorithm for image reconstruction, we can measure the systematic decrease in the altitudes of the source centroids h(e) as a function of increasing hard X-ray energy e, as expected in the thick-target bremsstrahlung model of Brown. Spatial modeling of the stopping depth h(e) can then be used to invert chromospheric density models n(h). This new method is independent of line-of-sight effects or theoretical assumptions on hydrostatic equilibrium that plague chromospheric density models based on UV spectroscopy.

Participants: Markus J. Aschwanden, John C. Brown, Eduard P. Kontar

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