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Damping of Coronal Loop oscillations View all project descriptions by submitter

Markus J. Aschwanden Submitted: 06-Aug-2002 17:19

Oscillations of coronal loops have been discovered with TRACE and are now also found by SUMER. Dozens of events are already known, most of the excited by a flare or a destabilizing filament. The study of these oscillations started a new field of "coronal seismology". One not understood physical problem is the damping mechanism. There are at least 5 different theories (non-linear effects, footpoint leakage, lateral leakage, phase mixing, resonant absorption of Alfven waves). With RHESSI we can for the first time measure accurate density scale heights at the chromospheric footpoints, which provide crucial constraints for modeling damping mechanisms in terms of footpoint leakage.

Participants: Markus J. Aschwanden, Bart DePontieu

Project Status: Theoretical pre-studies, first measurements with RHESSI Go to main RHESSI project descriptions page  Comparison of Hard X-ray Source Structure as a Function of Energy  Edit Entry  Submitter's Homepage

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