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Comparison of Hard X-ray Source Structure as a Function of Energy View all project descriptions by submitter

Gordon Emslie Submitted: 26-Sep-2002 04:39

As a prelude to high-spatial-resolution imaging spectroscopy and empirical derivation of electron energy loss processes ("do the easy science first, Gordon" - G. Hurford), I'm looking at the structure of hard X-ray sources in different energy bands, to see what similarities/differences there are. For example, in the July 23 event, the source structure changes from principally coronal to principally chromospheric over a quite narrow range of energies around 30 keV. The implications of this for electron acceleration and propagation mechanisms are being considered.

Participants: Gordon Emslie, Eduard Kontar, John Brown

Project Status: images made, analyzing movies and light curves in different regions Go to main RHESSI project descriptions page  Hard X-Ray Polarimetry of Solar Flares  Edit Entry 

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