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Piet Martens Submitted: 26-Sep-2002 10:39

We will develop code and carry out a set of numerical simulations of solar flare non-thermal hard X-ray and thermal EUV and soft X-ray emissions to further the analysis and understanding of RHESSI and TRACE and archival Yohkoh- HXT & SXT flare observations. We intend to integrate self-consistently two proven simulation programs for, respectively, high energy particle transport along a magnetic field (the particle code) and the thermal structure of coronal loops (the MSU thermal code). We will simulate the emissions generated by a variety of evolving magnetic field configurations and energy release mechanisms as observed by experiments mentioned above. In the first year we will concentrate on the integration of the two codes, and producing simulated movies for the standard Yohkoh cusp geometry with electron beams entering from the top. In the second year, guided by RHESSI data, we will explore other sources for the high energy particles, such as the distributions generated by wave acceleration and turbulence. In the third year we will extend our simulations to separator type loops extrapolated from magnetograms. Our project provides support for an MSU graduate and under- graduate student. These students will take an active part in code development, simulations, and data analysis as part of their thesis and graduate degree work.

Participants: Piet Martens, Charles Kankelborg, Dana Longcope, Trae Winter

Project Status: SR&T Funded for a start at 10/01/02. Thesis project for Trae Winter. Go to main RHESSI project descriptions page  Asymmetric trapping in solar flares  Edit Entry  Submitter's Homepage

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